You Can Also Make Money By Leaning On The Animals!

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Walking the dog, taking care of the milk cat, the dog food can also make money by leaning on the animals!
Today is obviously Friday, but tomorrow I will still have to go to work on Saturday...For those who don’t want to go to work, there will always be work-weary emotions. The 6-day shift before the holiday is simply a torment!

But if it’s a job that I love very much, going to work becomes less terrible, and even enjoys it! For example, when a pet lover encounters a job that can accompany animals, it will be happy even if it is open all year round~
Taking care of pets in exchange for luxury accommodation
When traveling, the cost of accommodation is a large proportion of consumption, but you can live in a mansion without spending money during the trip, and the price is just to help others take care of their pets! Doesn't this kill two birds with one stone?
A company called Trusted Housesitters is operating this kind of service, combining people who travel but cannot bring their pets with backpackers who need accommodation in the United States. Whether it is a beach villa or a French manor, these backpackers only need to take care of them. The cute pets of the host can live as they please!
Travel, luxury houses, cats and dogs, just listen to enjoy ~ even some people quit their jobs to enjoy the fun of eating and living with others and playing with other people's pets
Although there is no money in this job, the accommodations earned are more desirable than the money~ However, this service has not yet covered our country, so stay tuned_(:з」∠)_

Professional dog walker
For people who don’t have time to walk their dogs because of work, the profession of "professional dog walkers" really exists! Very popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina!
Keeping dogs at home actually affects their physical and mental health. This is more important in foreign countries, so there is a profession of helping office workers walk their dogs and always paying attention to their health.
In foreign countries, such big scenes are very common~
Taking a dog for an hour’s walk will cost you about 100 yuan in soft sister coins. For many employers, this is a tiring physical task, but for dog lovers, it is not only not a burden, but also very happy!
Professional dog walker Chris especially likes dogs. Not only that, he also has excellent dog training skills. He has made this job his own characteristics. Welcome from the hosts~
It is really envy and jealousy to see his daily work! !
Pet masseur
In the United States, pet massage is a routine service. For older and somewhat injured dogs, professional pet massage can help improve immunity and system recovery.
Not just anyone can be a pet masseur! Need a certificate to work! They spend most of the day petting cats and dogs~
This really depends on making money by playing cats and dogs. I have to say that the quality of life of foreign masters is really high!
"Dog Food Cart" salesperson
In some parks in the United States and Australia, "dog food carts" have emerged. The small dining carts have a variety of foods, pumpkin cakes, butterfly shortbread, butter biscuits, beef jerky, grilled burgers, all of which look super delicious , But it’s all for the dogs!
People who drive "dog food carts" are dog lovers who usually like to cook food for their pets at home. They use fresh ingredients to cook customized food for dogs, so that dogs can eat healthy, delicious and fresh food~
In addition to providing fresh dog snacks, a rest area is also set up for the dogs to rest, take pictures, play...
For people who love cooking and dogs, this is simply heavenly work~
Professional dog food taster
Because people are becoming more and more critical of the quality requirements for pet food, such a profession has emerged as the times require!
Tasting freshly baked dog food or cat food, the annual salary can reach 30,000 US dollars (about 186,000 yuan), and the annual salary of senior tasters can even reach 75,000 US dollars (about 465,000 yuan).
These tasters are also professionally trained. Using tasting to ensure the quality of the food of the masters, so that they can be happy and healthy is the professional goal.
Have the shit shovel officers who like to steal dog snacks find new business opportunities?
Animal shelter staff
Rescuing small animals in distress, taking in stray cats and dogs that have been abandoned and abused, and then helping them find a new home is the main job of the animal shelter staff.
For the staff, it is most gratifying for the staff to watch the injured animals gradually like you from distrust to them, trust you, and then stick to you.
This stray dog ​​Priscilla completely lost trust in humans due to long-term abuse. When the asylum staff rescued him and tried to come into contact with it, it shrank in fear in the corner, wailing and crying throughout the entire asylum.. .
Later, under the care of the staff "Love", Priscilla re-established trust and friendship with humans~
Dog Grooming Rounder Trailer

Let these poor little guys feel love again, regain their confidence in mankind, and find a new home is the greatest achievement of these staff.
This is a photo taken by two staff members of an animal shelter in a foreign country before the arrival of the new year. In the photo, they were so happy they danced. Because before the New Year came, they successfully found a new home for all the cute pets in the shelter! This is their greatest happiness in the New Year~
Animal care worker
For people who love animals, there is no job that brings happiness more than caring for animals! The childcare worker named Hannah said that even if he was sick, he would want to go to work! Because the animals being cared for would have opinions about her leave...
The feeling of being surrounded by cute things every day is indeed quite beautiful~
In China, many people must be envious of the work of "panda breeders". They can have close contact with pandas and interact with them to play games at any time~
I often get entangled...
It's also fun to fight with these fat guys every day~
And this, the 24-hour kitty nursery ~ When the weather gets warmer, it will usher in the cat breeding season, and a large number of cats will be abandoned at this time.
This short video is a work record of the 24-hour cat nursery of the San Diego Humane Society. The staff patiently cares for these abandoned newborn baby cats. The picture is too warm, even if it is 24 hours a day, they are willing to ╰(*°▽ °*)╯
Pet groomer
As a pet groomer, you can "ravaged" other people's masters as much as you want, with a pair of scissors in hand, I have the world's cute pet!
You can also play some new tricks in the bath~
The 58-year-old uncle Caballero and his wife jointly run a small pet grooming salon, which specializes in bathing the dogs. When bathing, they play their favorite songs and sometimes dance with the guests’ dogs... .The picture is cheerful and harmonious~ (please ignore the dog’s awkward look
There is a reason why the uncle washes the dog so well every day. He is also a dog lover. Apart from his job, he will often help treat stray dogs with his wife and help them find a new home. For this job, he is true. Love and enjoy it!
In fact, these tasks seem to be perfect, but the hardships can only be experienced by the staff. Feeding animals seems simple, but you don’t know that they clean up the animal’s poop half the time every day, and they are bitten by scratches. The danger of pets; pet grooming looks very interesting, but you don’t know that they are washing and cutting dogs all day, backaches, dizziness, and tiredness all day.
This is true for all workers. It is difficult to stick to it without love. The enthusiasm of these pet workers is far stronger than you think! Love for animals is their biggest motivation to persevere!
Therefore, it is never work that needs to be adjusted, but the attitude towards work.
However, if you are accompanied by these cute little guys, you will be able to do any work very vigorously~

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